Aurora Australis

Finally! After so many missed opportunities in the past, we ultimately got our own Aurora Australis pictures from our hilltop! Yay! :)


Autumn Holidays 2017: The changing face of Taranaki

From New Plymouth via Opunake and Hawera to Palmerston North.


Autumn Holidays 2017: New Plymouth – Centennial Walk, Puke Ariki


Autumn Holidays 2017: New Plymouth – Coastal Walkway and Pukekura Park


Autumn Holidays 2017: White Cliffs and Three Sisters

A wonderful 3-4 hours loop walkway at White Cliffs that can only be done between 2 hours before and 2 hours after low tide.

As it was just around the corner (30km) we also went to the Three Sisters and the now head-less elephant rock.


Autumn Holidays 2017: Taranaki

Tawhiti Museum, Hawera

Dawson Falls, Mt Taranaki

Tupare Garden, New Plymouth

East End Beach, New Plymouth


Autumn Holidays 2017: Whanganui

Enjoying the views

The many hands of Queens Park


Latest album cover

Florida? No. Whanganui

A first glipse of Taranaki

Ruapehu hiding behind the water tower

On top of the War Memorial Tower

Looking down on Whanganui

Steeeeep down

Mind your step!

Enjoying the afternoon

Happy butterfly

Cart action!

Verena is leading!

Anna takes over!

A close match!

Anna trying to drive off!

Someone wants to win this race!

Verena takes over again!

Verena leading!

Happy faces :)


Autumn Holidays 2017: Wellington museums

Early morning on the pier, waiting for the Wellington Museum to open

Extremely detailed model of a huge sailing ship

Generally great displays

Quite impressive museum

Crowds of pedestrians walking around

Wellington city

Guess who’s desperately waiting for lunch

Up the hill with the cable car

Fancy lightshow on the way

Waiting for the planetarium show to start

Learning about the solar system

Huge telescope

Walking back to the hotel through the autumn garden


Autumn Holidays 2017: Motueka to Wellington

The mornings are getting colder and the sun rises significantly later than it used to just a few weeks ago. So we decided to head north, to be more specific, to Mt Taranaki on the North Island. The ferry sail from Picton to Wellington was amazing, with perfect weather conditions – again. :)


Motueka Kai Fest 2017

Celebrating the harvest of the season (Bauernherbst?), with local food produce and Maori mythology. Verena on stilts, Anna somewhere inside the dragon that represents the element of fire.