Everything has changed today

We’ve booked our flights back home today. We knew that they are only going to be more expensive if we wait even longer. Most interestingly, the best flight options are not available in July when our visas expire. Shall we take a more complicated and more expensive one or go back a little bit earlier?…


Nelson – Boulder Bank

The Boulder Bank is an internationally significant coastal landform created by a combination of sea currents and rocks from MacKay Bluff in a process known as long shore drift. Despite its robust appearance it has a delicately balanced ecology supporting rare plants and animals.



Unbelievable, isn’t it? :)


Riwaka Resurgence

When we’ve been there in winter, it has been bitter cold, the walk laying all in the shade of the native forest. Even the water has been different. Class 1 chose this location for their first outing this year, a walk together, a lunchbreak, a swim. I was lucky to be invited as a chaperone…



That gravel road is almost too much to take but if you have to do 30 km in stones and dust to see something extraordinary, you just do it, right? Slept at Pohara to geht an early start the next day at Goat Bay. The kids (and I, too) were rapt over the size of…



The real goal was Separation Point, on which we aim the second time but always miss it whatever so slightly. This time the odds were good, noone hurt, too hungry or sunburnt. We just found Anapai Beach and suddenly got very lazy, unable to move further ahead. Playing at the beach we got to know…


Goat Bay

Which walk? Abel Tasman Track, of course. Never give up on that one :)  But the path between Totaranui and Goat Bay had been damaged badly so, at first, we didn’t know if we could actually go there because earlier this year we heard of ship transport opportunities between Totaranui and Awaroa. Hm. It turned…


Taupo Point

At Waihi, the Abel Tasman Track starts. First detour: Taupo Point, a former pah, but no remaining structures, just some tourists without shoes and kids, playing in the surf. To get there, we had to climb a little bit though, because the coastal access is only granted at low tide. Saw some marine life from…


Magic Camera

Anna’s Xmas present proves very useful, its various functions and presets allow the kids to be playful and inventiv at the same time. And it does so many wonderful things :D



Kiting … and of course surfing. These words belong here, what would a wave be without a surfer? Get on your boards, everybody! In the meantime, Daddy surfs the literature.

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