Evaluating our options in Motueka

This is gonna be a huge project, isn’t it? If we decide to go back to Motueka, we probably will stay there for more than 12 months, so we need some sort of long term visa.

That’s the challenge: If we want to stay for more than 12 months, a visitor visa is not sufficient. Residency visa can only be granted with a job offer. But who’s gonna get me a job remotely? And which job actually? I don’t need one, I can bring my own! Last chance: The Long Term Business visa program for entrepreneurs to found a new company. Checking the INZ website…

DAMN! Immigration New Zealand has just stopped the Business visa program for an overhaul until March. Nobody knows how difficult it will be to apply for the successor visa program.

Considering different options: Pause the main job and get a similar one in NZ for a couple of months? Hmm, no, not really an option. Move to NZ alone in advance to get a local job? Hmm, no option either. Difficult…

Waiting for details on the new Entrepreneur visa program. To be announced in early March.




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