Heavy rain + heavy trucks = ?

What we believed to be a solid and well created driveway turned out to be just a thin layer of gravel on top of mud. A few rainy days and the 10 ton water tank trucks basically destroyed it. It didn’t take long until our builder raised a “health and safety issue” which can be…


Digging for the foundations

While I’m planting plenty of Grevillea ground covers to turn our steep bank green with pink flowers, the builders excavate the foundations with precision. Reminds me of carving funny shapes with an ice cream spoon. ;)


Walking tracks

We’ve got plenty of wood shavings almost for free, so we decided to use them for our walking tracks down to the gully and up to the hilltop. Slippery mud turns into an all-weather track. :)  


Water storage for the thirsty

Four water tanks to collect rainwater through the roof of the house. Each of them 23,000 liters in size. Two of them can’t be used by ourselves, they are exclusively reserved for fire fighting, as required by the local council. Let’s hope the two tanks will get us through the summer drought periods which typically last for…


Planting fruit trees – one at a time

Autumn/winter is the best time to plant fruit trees, people say. No droughts as in the summer time ensure best growth and maybe even a few fruits in the upcoming season. We’re planting about 50 fruit trees, from apples to pears, cherries, figs, persimmons, apricots, plums, prunes, nectarines, peaches, and even feijoas which we recently learned…


Digging a little pond

To preserve some water for the dry summer period, we created a little pond near the fruit tree orchard, down at our wonderful flat and sheltered gully. The sandy ground unfortuantely drains too good so we needed to use a pond foil.


The first of many to come!

I never thought I could be that excited about an egg.

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