Verena’s new purse, may all her craft and needlework stuff be safe in there!



After a 3 year long and tedious visa application process we can finally call ourselves proud owners of New Zealand resident visas! Yay! :) There are still 2 more years with travel conditions until we can apply for permanent resident visas, but that shouldn’t be a big thing anymore. Party! :P



Farming chooks for free eggs seems to be the most common reason to have them. In the beginning, it probably was for us as well. Then the kids took over the chicken/sheep jobs and it became a part of their lives to care for them, tend to their needs, be with them (not all the…


Class Play

Thank you Anna for entertaining us, you did very well telling the story of Artaban  :)


Finished house pictures

Our builder sent a photographer to take some pictures of the finished house. They may appear in some advertisements and lifestyle magazines soon. It was fascinating watching the photographer who took advantage of the amount of light balance during the blue hour after sunset.


Bread Challenge: French Baguette

Supermarket baguettes in New Zealand typically have a similar consistency as swimming noodles, yet these folks dare to call them “French sticks” (an insult to French people). Unfortunately, even the artisan bakers in our area follow a similar ideal. Fortunately, our French woofer provided us with a very simple, but genius recipe. I’d consider that one of…


The Gorse Story

When we bought that piece of land, we noticed that there is a heap of soil in the middle of the paddock. The previous owners told us that’s all top soil from the building platform excavation works. Cool, these folks thought ahead and saved the most precious soil for us. When we finished the major…


Finding Dory

… was not easy. But one day, it was brought to our attention that some Dorper lambs were for sale. What we were looking for since we came here (but it came different and we have Romneys and Wiltshires grazing on our fields). And now, we found him: Dor…y   He seems to be very…

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