Afternoon at Kina Peninsula

A short visit at Kina Peninsula after school. Despite the (partial) sun, it was very chilly and windy, so we didn’t stay for very long. Just collected some thin horse shoe shells to crush for the chickens.


Sleepout floor and fit out

It’s been a while since I last did some flooring works, but the result doesn’t look that bad. :)


Sewing Machine Day

It’s not the 13th of June but we’re not in the US, so I figured I can have my National Sewing Machine Day whenever I like! Here you go, my friend, enjoy your cleansing wellness day. May your bobbin winder wind and your fast forward mode not make the table dance again :)


Night shades of blue

It’s July 3rd, 2017 and while I’m busily painting my sleepout soffits white (what a horrible job), Eva develops a passion for denim and transforms a number of old jeans into pillows with beautiful motives in blue. I even got my own one with my name on! Very cool. :) Just after dinner (pumpkin schnitzel)…

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