Abel Tasman – Totaranui

Just a short stop over at Totaranui Beach on a high season Tuesday, watching the oyster catchers. :)



It’s such a pity that no bakers in our area are capable of making authentic pretzels. For some reason they substitute the required sodium hydroxide solution with something cheap (I guess a baking soda solution) so their pretzels look like real ones, but actually don’t taste as sour and tingly as they should. Or maybe…


Colorful garden

After about two months without any significant rain our garden wasn’t in the best possible shape anymore. But fortunately, just after New Year’s we’ve got plenty of rainfall. Everything is jump starting into bloom now.


Whispering Falls

Located in the Aniseed Valley near Richmond, these waterfalls look most impressive after rain. The 2h return walk doesn’t require much physical fitness but is a bit challenging at parts. Speaking of swing bridges, wash outs, narrow sections in steep terrain, river crossings/missing bridges, slippery steep sections, etc. I wouldn’t go there with children younger…



Season two for our berry house. I didn’t expect that 18 little bushes can already provide more blueberries than we can eat every day. If they all grow to two meters in height as promised, we’ll soon be in big berry business. :P It’s gonna be a long blueberry season. Note to berry lovers: The…


Gone fishing

We just wanted to get some fresh salmon to test our recently built smoker, but going there on the second day of January was not quite the best idea. The fish were totally over-fed by the thousands of tourists and therefore were not interested in the bait at all. We spent 2-3 hours there but…


The labyrinth in Takaka

We haven’t been there in a while, but had to show it to the grandparents. At least the number of totally unnecessary plastic toys has slightly reduced over the past couple of years.


Pupu Springs

Challenge of the day: Take a picture without crowds of people. It’s high season and we’re crazy enough to go to a tourist hot spot. But why??

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