The smoker

Just like in the old days. Get some adhesive, leftover parts from previous building projects and some weird findings from the second hand store, and create something for fun together with dad. :)


Chicks Part 2 2017

Midnight, Gizmos girl, with her and Jelly’s youngsters (Leghorn/Campine or S.Hamburg)

Stripey and her 3 chicks (one has the spontaneous invisibility power… or maybe it just hid well)




“The title of the exhibition, Six Worlds of WOW, refers to the six sections within the competition. Three remain constant from year-to-year – Open, Aotearoa and Avant-garde – with three sections unique to 2017; Red, Illumination Illusion and Science Fiction.”



Abel Tasman Eco Tour

Just two weeks after our walk to the Cleopatra’s pool we’re back to the park, but this time on a small boat of Abel Tasman Eco Tours that gets us to some places we have never been before. We spent a wonderful day with Stew the tour guide, who knows every seal and tree by name and puts a lot of effort in protecting marine life, birds and native plants.


Able in Tasman

One of our favourite destinations:

Into the Abel Tasman National Park (by taxi)

It’s almost an hour to Anchorage

and on the way they always stop at the split apple and Adele Island (for the seals)

But after a while of flying on the water

and with all the tourists running away on the track like beestung

we took our time to discover some hidden beaches

… especially lovely at high tide.

From here with the waterproof gopro :P

Arielle and Arista, mermaid sisters.

Through the tunnel.

Another gem.

But all good things end and we went off to see new ones:

Anchorage from above.

Discussion on the way.

Bark mushroom that looks like Verena’s sunhat.

Torrent Bay Estuary

The Torrent River

Such a stunning green!

Quails watch us passing by.

Near the Cleopatra’s pools.

Finally! Find a rock, everybody!

But don’t get swept away.

Just sitting, having lunch and watching the eels can be enough for a while.

The eels???

Yeah, imagine you wouldn’t notice it until it nibbles away on your toes.

Safe on the shore.

Upper Torrent River.

Back to the Beach, right through the estuary.

Just follow the stream.

And suddenly you’re back.

Maybe your shoes need a rinse.

Relax from the exhausting walk.

Watch the birds.

And the elephant that’s just coming through the stone arch.

Anchorage, the tide is going down.

I’m sure he has an interesting storyline.

Let’s do the Pitt Head walk before we leave!

Stunning Manuka forests.

Tired wanderers.

Te Pukatea Beach.

Ridgeline path.

View to the West.

OK, after all that sand we need ice cream and a shower :)


Starlight Parade

Joy and anticipation.

Until the parade begins!

Let the cookies dance

the bears were already tired and needed a lift

the starship trooper gives out fives

and Dark “Candycane” Vader gets howls

and high five requests

then the steam train arrives

followed by more charismatic dancing

and brides!

And that’s the Zumba Club, in retro “Great Gatsby” look

Nativity march

and classic tractor show.

This year’s Santa and his little gnomes

… and elves.

It rains under the umbrella?

Mermaid theme rocks!

it’s a very old Buik.

Elsa helped to overthrow Santa and got to be the Christkind! Yeah! The parade is closed and the starlight is saved. For another year.



22 days of hope and waiting

until we find them like this!

The hen, surrounded by 7 healthy chicks, only one egg was infertile.

These little Araucana and Leghorn youngsters will add to our flock next year.

And already the learn how to pick food and how to politely wipe their beak.



Early Summer in the Valley

What was going on at Pangatotara in spring?

First roses!

First grilled apples of the season.

Sheep got shorn, again.

Look kind of naked atm.

Except the lambs, they look just cute.

Feeding time.

Making hay.




Too hot to not get wet and not warm enough to be in a swimsuit.

This time of the year!

Happy Birthday!


Ngatimoti Fair 2017

Spring and early summer in New Zealand: High season for fairs, festivals and A&P shows (Agricultural & Pastoral).

With fun and games for kids, sheep shearing shows, wood-chopping competitions, Scottish bagpipes, firefighter demonstrations, display and awarding of farm animals, excellent food and all sorts of stalls to buy nice things.