Wharariki to Collingwood

Heavy rainfall hit us in the evening, so we went for a cabin instead of setting up our tent. :)

6:19 am at the Wharariki campground.

A peacock sneaking into our cabin.

He wasn’t keen on showing off with his feathers though.

So, what do we do on a rainy day in the middle of nowhere?

Just take some pictures of mailboxes and leave the Farewell Spit.

Stopover for a beach walk near Collingwood.

Want some salad?

Checking out the old cemetary after getting some nachos for brunch in Collingwood.

A slightly overgrown path around the cemetary.

Visiting the amazing garden around the Weka Workshop…

and the Collingwood Machinery Museum.

Always worth a visit. Donation entry.

Building a hut at Milnthorpe Beach

Some wood carver got loose here!

Art on the beach.


Cape Farewell and Wharariki Beach

It’s just a 5 min walk to the most Northern point of the South Island.

Steep cliffs without much protection. Keep your children at hand!

Enjoying the tidy green sheep-hills.

On our way to Wharariki Beach, armed with kites.

Stunning landscape.

The sand blaster again! No more beach pictures from here, sorry.

Wind seems to be common here, considering the shape of the trees.


Farewell Spit – Triangle Flat Loop Walk

It’s spring holidays and we thought we would go to Farewell Spit to camp in our tent for a night. Weather forecast was great for both days, but it soon became clear to us that the wild West Coast has its own rules at this time of the year.

Starting out at the inner bay side early at 9 am.

Crossing manuka forests…

and wetlands…

and sand dunes, to the outer beach…

where we got sand blasted.

Heading back after a short brunch at a sheltered beach spot,

saying “hi” to the thousands of ewes with their lambs…

that are sun bathing on the Triangle Flat.

Admiring the flowers there (probably considered weeds?).

Back to the car park.


Cherry blossom festival in Nelson

Going to Nelson via Tapawera.

The hop orchards are ready for planting.

The rolling hills of Tapawera.

Spring is here, even if some trees think otherwise.

Arriving at the Miyazu Japanese Garden in Nelson before the festival officially starts.

Loads of flowering cherries.

People already occupying the best spots.

Yes, we’re still in Nelson, not in Japan.

They did a great job on that garden with their Japanese sister city.

Japanese people everywhere!

And a few Chinese, selling dumplings, as usual.

Demonstration of Japanese calligraphy.

Thousands of visitors at this festival.

The local Karate club.

Showcasing their choreographies.

Kind of impressive.

Finishing with an artistic fight.

With timber sticks.

Enough karate for the day, let’s get some Japanese desserts and go home. 

And cook some Japanese inspired dinner.

And make a tea. :)


Lambs update

Yesterday we docked the lambs by putting a rubber ring around their tails. The procedure is supposed to be done within a few days after birth to avoid unnecessary pain. We don’t like the idea of hurting those little fragile animals, but a shorter tail helps them to stay free of flystrike in the summer. Flystrike can easily cost them their lives, as we learned last year. We also turned one of the two rams into a wether (castrate). The whole procedure doesn’t seem to bother them too much. Today they were all happily browsing around.

Chocolate feeding her lambs.

Watching out for predators.

And checking on our wwoofers who dug up the thistles before they start to flower.

Tiny lamb running after her mom.

Our helpers did a great job mulching the track to our veggie garden.


Motueka Inlet Walkway

A quick walk around the inlet.

Motueka Wharf.

The usual winter fires (orchard burn offs).

Mirroring boats.

Abel Tasman boats waiting for high season.

Some cyclists near the wharf.


The not so long ago created bridge.

Kind of photogenic.

Mexican Lily.

Eva, what’s the name of that one again?   “Kaka Beak”

Flowering kowhai trees.


Early morning on the paddock

Nosy goat.

Keen to chew some Tagasaste branches.

Chocolate watching after her lambs.

Two days old.

Exploring the paddock


Saturday in Nelson

The kids made a list of how their ideal Saturday would look like:

1. Nelson Saturday Market

Buy something at the pottery?

Or some hippy clothing?

Or just watch the birds…

and the dogs?

No. But stop by at our favorite Chinese dumplings stall and we’re fine.

2. Clothes shopping!

(no pictures, fortunately)

3. Natureland Zoo

A tiny, but well maintained zoo near Tahunanui beach, with native birds (Kakariki).

And exotic monkeys. Don’t know why we never made it there before.

The meerkats are somehow funny.

Always watching out for predators.

And quickly hiding underground.

The porcupine is sleeping today.

Does anyone know the name of that reptile?

That’s a lemur, if I remember right.

I really like our rather small boer goats when I see those huge Toggenburg monsters.

Turkey. Ugly as always.

And some alpacas.

Dark as the night.

4. Tahunanui beach

Are you coming too?

The simplest games…

… are usually the most fun.

When I sit down, you go up!

Or not.

Fun on the way…

… back to the car.

5. Clothes shopping

(no pictures allowed again, sorry)

6. Ice cream

End of day. :)




Snowy is first to deliver two healthy white lambs

long focus lens and binoculars helped with watching the lovely ones

and everybody came to welcome them

Chocolate looks like she’s next :)

Edit Sept. 15: Surprise on the paddock! What a change in the weather can do to us, one gets a headache, the other bears 2 tiny lambs.

Seems like both mums have each a boy and a girl.

So tiny!

Max, the Unihorn

and Moritz … Chocolate’s last year’s lambs

and what else flowers in the garden? peach!


and almonds … and very soon everything else, spring is here :)