Motueka drag racing

A couple of times every year the Motueka Airfield is reserved for the petrol heads. Nelson Drag Racing Association makes sure the entire town can hear their event. It’s sort of a funny event, full of crazy people who tuned their crappy old cars and enjoy accelerating the quarter mile. But one question remained unanswered: How would have ranked a Tesla Model S P100D in that competition? :P


February in pictures

Our favourite swimming hole at the flying pig.

With the Motueka River Swing, second edition.

Buying water melons at Fraser’s.

Christian’s creating a new masterpice:

Permanent clothesline!

Others have fun watering the flowers.

Introducing our latest catch to the existing flock.

Big eyes on each side.

Boer goats are meat-goats with hanging ears, they don’t jump a lot.

We’ll see. At least they’re friendlier and not so scared all the time (as sheep are). They actually look like tailwagging dogs when they see you and come running for you.

A visit to our favourite organic shop in Nelson

where everybody finds their own treats.

And to the Nelson Saturday Market.

Shopping for bread


lovely music

and photos.

School starts again.

A refurbished classroom for Verena.

And a strawberry birthday cake for Anna.

Dramatic sundown on the hill.

At night.

But not everybody sleeps.


Split Apple

Verena and that famous rock.

The split apple.

But also the caves are famous.

The kids are playful.

And our wwoofers slackline alot.

What a glowing sunset.


Summer Fun

Tourist, seagull and impressive orangy Kaiteriteri sand.

More tourists arrive at the beach.

Until it is very crowded.

Icecream booms.

Pohutekawa blooms.

Never seen so many ships in the bay.

Or nosy seagulls.

Lean back into the sand and enjoy the last holi-days.

And the cornetto.

Holiday kid.

Watch the motorboats, count sheep on the sky.

Red christmas flames.

Little Kaiteriteri.

Big Kaiteriteri.

Until January is over.


Chicks Update

November 2016: Rainbow and her Leghorn chick “Jelly”

And there he is! The tallest and tamest of them all :)

Dotty and her 3 chicks last year.

Sadly, only one survived. Soon enough it will be grown up.

Blacky and her two chicks last year.

The brown face and white ears let us hope they’re girls.

Greyneck and chick last year.

What a beautiful chook!

Rainbow and her chicks last year.

The red one.

And the one with the eye-makeup.


Summer Holidays 2017: Christchurch Museums

Iwi Tawhito – whenua hou: One of the permanent exhibitions in the Canterbury Museum.

Dioramas and life-size displays tell stories of early Maori tribes.

Fish hooks made of bone, wood and stone.

Mere, and other patu, were used for close-quarter fighting.

Cultural heritage.

Fred and Myrtle’s Paua Shell House, a kiwiana legend.

Shell board.

Mountfort Gallery

Beautiful detail of a porcelain lid.

Air New Zealand 75 Years!

Experience the romance and glamour of flying through the stories of airline staff and customers.

Explore Air New Zealand’s 75 years of growth and innovation.

Wander through a replica Solent flying boat and DC-8 cabins.

Transport yourself into the future of flying with a virtual reality inflight experience.

Bird Hall: See beautiful displays and dioramas of all our native species of birds, including those that are rare

or extinct.

Geology: Highlights of the exhibition include a huge amethyst geode, the mounted skeleton of an Allosaurus dinosaur and the bones of the huge predatory marine reptile the mosasaur collected and identified by Museum staff in North Canterbury.

Very bright stone.


Quake City: Ongoing Exhibition at ReStart, information about the 2011 quake

that devastated the city.


Summer Holidays 2017: Lake Pukaki and Tekapo

Lake Pukaki at its very best turquois.

The glacial feed to the lakes gives them a distinctive blue colour,

created by glacial flour, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the glaciers.

Appreciative about the beauty, we thought about a swim. Way too cold.

Mirrorlake Pukaki.

The colour of the water seemed to fade into a dark blue

that reflected the light even better.

Lake Tekapo at Scott Pond.

The church of the good shepherd.

In the 19th century, Scottish shepherds came to work on the pastoral runs of the eastern South Island. The high country could not have been farmed successfully without the border collies they brought with them. To honour these ‘canine Scots’, a statue of a collie has been raised at Lake Tekapo.

Toilet stop in Fairlie.

Very pleasant spot for a break.

Over Burkes Pass to Geraldine.

The winding road becomes straight again and leads through an almost italian landscape

golden fields of wheat with trees that look just like tuscan cypresses…



Summer Holidays 2017: Mount Cook

With very good news from the weather front

we started off Oamaru early

because it’s a long journey to visit Mount Cook

and go back in one day.

Passing by Duntroon and Kurow,

we crossed the South Island once more.

In total a 4 hour drive,

with a stop at the Aviemore Hydro Station,

overlooking Lake Waitaki

and the Waitaki River in the distance.

The straight roads really tempt to speed.

And then there it is: Peter’s Lookout with the big parking, lots of tourists are already there :)

Sometimes you have to have priorities.

Mine is not to miss any foto-opportunity.

No side valley,

lonely bridge,

or waterfall escapes the lense!

Just another 20 km!

In the Tasman Valley, nothing looks like in Tasman.

The further we drive, the more it looks like Austria :P

The green “Blue Lakes” of the Tasman Glacier.

Marlborough rock daisy with a butterfly.

The Tasman Valley.

Tasman Glacier and Tasman Lake with two unwitting extras.

These little icecubes on the lake are not little at all.

Close up of Mount Cook.

Walking the Hooker Track. First suspension bridge coming up!

Mueller Lake and River.

Mount Cook from Kea Lookout.


Glacier on Mount Sefton.

Same glacier, more waterfalls.

Last look back over the shoulder.

On the way back.

Cool views.

Cool cars.

Can pls everybody paint their cars like that?

The most beautiful day sandwiched between two rainy episodes. Thank you for showing yourself today :)


Summer Holidays 2017: Bushy Beach and Oamaru

In the evening, you might be lucky to watch some penguins stumble onto the beach.

The southern part of the beach belongs to the seals though.

One every 5 metres.

No thinking about swimming or even sitting down here with all these seals around :)

Back in town.

Yeah, this is the only other foto we have of Oamaru’s famous Harbour Street because nowadays there are all these no-foto and no-drone signs *sigh*.

No such worries at the playground.

Or was it just for under 10 yr olds?

We didn’t care ;)


Summer Holidays 2017: Moeraki Boulders

A beautiful sunrise was greeting us in the morning, enough to make us jump into the car and go back South to have a closer look at the magic boulder we missed the day before.

But then, the winds got stronger.

We were lucky to be shaded from the wild weather by the steep coastline.

Another surprise: We were all alone at the beach.

The only ones crazy enough to go there in a storm at high tide.

Closer look at the insides of a boulder.

These boulders are grey-colored septarian concretions, which have been exhumed from the mudstone enclosing them and concentrated on the beach by coastal erosion.

On a calm day, these funny marbles would be stood on, sat on and danced on. What people do for fotos.

Like this.

Bye-bye! See you next time (suneshine pls)