Violin lesson

Friday afternoon, time for the violin lesson. Great opportunity to test the new camera’s silent mode and play a bit with finding different face expressions at the student. :P

Reading the notes


Watching the strings carefully

Dreaming with the music (or blinking?)

Playing together with the teacher

Teacher solo

Just a random violin


Autumn Fair 2017

Impressions of our first Motueka Rudolf Steiner School Autumn Fair on the new campus site. Many many thanks to Oliver Weber for sharing some insights on his professional photography methods and for teaching me how to tell stories with pictures! Really enjoyed the day! :)

After all I guess I made a huge step forward getting better results, compared to the pictures of previous fairs that I took over the past couple of years. Very happy with these ~100 pictures. :)


Motueka Inlet Walk

A supposed to be 1 hour walk around the Motueka Inlet… if there weren’t the photo opportunities…



Grape Harvest

A welcome, a blessing and some songs before we began the hard work.

The grapes were already waiting for us

and hanging around for the picking.

Some also for tasting.

Surrounded by colourful leaves

magic skylike birdnets

and kids with hunger for pruning

After the harvest, everything was cleaned from stems and leaves

and smashed with bare feet.

… or hands …

until juicy enough

to be bottled.

Boys at work

Fun day for the whole school

Everybody filled a bottle.

Thank you Alexandra for this experience at your organic vineyard!


Late Joy

Pumpkin, Zucchini, Carrots; beans and sunflowers in the background

from the other side, with roses, herbs and house

Stripey is a mum again o.O All eyes were on Rainbow, the broody Faverolle, when, just a day before they hatched, Stripey took over and got 6 at one stroke

three are black, two brown and one is… patched

born on March 12th, 5 days old and already outside, turning around the garden


Chasing fish

When your kids won’t stop telling  you they want to go to the beach

and finally they get what they want

not the best visibility, but the water is warm-ish

Mum and Dad exchange jokes while waiting

and it seems it will take longer

because the fishes are too fast

no matter how quick you are

they’re always a hand’s breath further in the breaking waves than you!


Motueka drag racing

A couple of times every year the Motueka Airfield is reserved for the petrol heads. Nelson Drag Racing Association makes sure the entire town can hear their event. It’s sort of a funny event, full of crazy people who tuned their crappy old cars and enjoy accelerating the quarter mile. But one question remained unanswered: How would have ranked a Tesla Model S P100D in that competition? :P


February in pictures

Our favourite swimming hole at the flying pig.

With the Motueka River Swing, second edition.

Buying water melons at Fraser’s.

Christian’s creating a new masterpice:

Permanent clothesline!

Others have fun watering the flowers.

Introducing our latest catch to the existing flock.

Big eyes on each side.

Boer goats are meat-goats with hanging ears, they don’t jump a lot.

We’ll see. At least they’re friendlier and not so scared all the time (as sheep are). They actually look like tailwagging dogs when they see you and come running for you.

A visit to our favourite organic shop in Nelson

where everybody finds their own treats.

And to the Nelson Saturday Market.

Shopping for bread


lovely music

and photos.

School starts again.

A refurbished classroom for Verena.

And a strawberry birthday cake for Anna.

Dramatic sundown on the hill.

At night.

But not everybody sleeps.


Split Apple

Verena and that famous rock.

The split apple.

But also the caves are famous.

The kids are playful.

And our wwoofers slackline alot.

What a glowing sunset.


Summer Fun

Tourist, seagull and impressive orangy Kaiteriteri sand.

More tourists arrive at the beach.

Until it is very crowded.

Icecream booms.

Pohutekawa blooms.

Never seen so many ships in the bay.

Or nosy seagulls.

Lean back into the sand and enjoy the last holi-days.

And the cornetto.

Holiday kid.

Watch the motorboats, count sheep on the sky.

Red christmas flames.

Little Kaiteriteri.

Big Kaiteriteri.

Until January is over.