Milford Road

Even without the ocean, the landscape is stunning. As it was rainy we drove down that Milford Road once again and picked some spots to walk the rainy paths into the rainforest.          


Milford Sound

Several lookouts, recreation areas, walking tracks and information boards make it difficult to be at the harbor in time. The enchanted Mirror Lakes, the Eglington River valley, things you can’t miss when you know it will probably be raining on the way back. The first thing we learned on the boat was that Milford Sound…


Te Anau

Two nights at the Abba Motel (80ies here we come, in more than one regard)(the hotel standard in NZ can be really zero stars sometimes) we fled Queenstown, had lunch at Kingston, travelled along the red tussock plains south, then west until we reached our new destination: Te Anau. From there it’s a relatively short…


Family Rafting

The adventure programme in Queenstown is overwhelming and not always a thing for kids: The Shotover River Rafting, the Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, etc … there are always age and health conditions that outrule them (which is a good thing!). But then, seeing all the people doing these wonderful action Anna and Verena wanted desperately to…


Shotover and Arrow River

The Rivers in the Queenstown area are renowned for their gold findings in the late 18th century, there has been a goldrush throughout NZ, when fossickers from all over the world, but especially Australasia came to make their fortune. Some of the gold nuggets can still be awed at Arrowtown’s goldsmith’s and Museum. Today, tourists…


Xmas Angel

Xmas must have been exhausting, because all the Christmas helpers seem to be fast asleep again – until next year? :)


On the road to Paradise

Sunset is extremely late down here, at 10 pm it’s still light and we have a hard time explaining why the kids have to go to sleep when the sun is not even down behind the hills. So … today we made a after-dinner road trip to Paradise (which is a little township in the…


Skyline Goldola Hill

A must if you are in Queenstown: The gondola ride up the (whatever that hill’s name is) Goldola Hill. The spectacular view down Queenstown, the Remarkables, Lake Wakapitu, is priceless. After Christian and Anna had been walking up the hill from the Fernhill Hotel and calling us to follow up, Verena and I drove to…


Boating on Wakatipu


Merry Christmas!

A merry Christmas to all known and unknown followers of our photoblog!

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