Mount Arthur

Summer still on high with the cicadas chirring and the sun drying the grass even in the lush river areas. It hasn’t been raining for a long time, which is good for tourists and very bad for plants and animals, all of them suffering in their own way. We joined the suffering with a breathtaking…


Buller River, Murchison and home! at last

6 weeks of travelling are over, we’ve seen a lot everywhere on the South Island, but everything comes to an end … school starts again on Feb 7th 2013 with term 1, in class 3 for Anna, class 1 for Verena. Also Anna’s birthday draws nearer every day and all she wishes for is a…


Beach Masters

Since we’re in New Zealand, we’ve discovered lots of beautiful bays and beaches, the hidden, the famous, long, small, beautiful beaches and in all the different colours possible. But still, there are a few (promoted broadly on the street) that we were never able to find:



Somewhere along the Karamea Bight we had a stop for to put our feet into the ocean before returning to Westport. But not anywhere, we chose the most dangerous spot at the West Coast… you are not even allowed to take sand away from there (for whatever reason).  


Moria Gate and Mirror Tarn

Just beautiful! An afternoon in the wild side of Kahurangi National Park even though there’s a path laid out – when you keep your eyes in the trees, all the wonders of nature look down on you.


Oparara Arch

The most gigantic stone arch and cave, all overgrown with plants. An easy walk with spectacular views.  


Denniston Incline

Coal is the magic word that was and is whispered around Denniston. Up the incline, or hill we would call it, are mines where men worked hard for their living. Took a mine tour by train and got a little taste of what it must have been like.


Charming Creek

Crossing a raging torrent. Three bridges have spanned the gorge, at this place. The current bridge was constructed in the late 1970’s by the NZ and Fijijan armies, as a training exercise. Mangatini Falls, not the end of the Charming Creek Walkway but the return point for our walk today. And what’s this? It looks…


Cape Foulwind

A lot to see there! Went the Cape Foulwind Road up to the carpark, then went to the lighthouse, along the old railway to the quarry, the astrolabe, the seal colony, down to Tauranga Bay and to the Bay House Café on the other side of the beach. Big walk for the girl’s little feet,…



We really could feel that we were going North today, the sun shines way hotter and without the steady wind the West Coast is just another paradise :) Soon we’ll be back in Motueka and these last days in the West we’ll get to know the places we’ve never been before, none of us: Westport,…

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