New Year’s eve in Nelson

It has rained all day long, but fortunately stopped right in time in the afternoon. We enjoyed our javanese dinner at our temporary home and then went to the city to see what’s up there. It wasn’t completely dark yet so we decided to walk up the “Center or New Zealand” hill before we moved…


Container sneak preview – and port clearance

Two months and three days after our big rusty metal box has left our place in Austria, it arrived at the port in Nelson, NZ. On its journey it travelled from Bremerhaven, Germany, around Europe, crossing the Mediterranean, stopped over in Suez, Egypt, continued to India, changed to a different container ship in Singapore and…


Coalbrookdale walk in Denniston

Just next to the famous Denniston Incline there are some more mining things to explore. The Coalbrookdale walk follows an old coal railway line and ends at the entries of multiple mines. Despite the light drizzle this was a quite nice short walk. Only our shoes got completely soaked, but it was fun. :)


Punakaiki and Pororari river walk

I think this was our fourth visit of the pancake rocks. We’ve never been there in peak season though. Warning: Mind the tourist! We’d have better spent more time at the walks around in the area. ;) Speaking about walks: The Pororari river walk earns our full recommendation. It’s along a river (who would have expected…


Charming Creek walkway

Just around the corner from our beach cottage. A quite interesting walk along an old coal railway next to the river.


West Coast impressions

Just some random pictures taken on the road between Granity and Westport. :)  


Christmas in summer – again

I’m not sure if I can ever get used to that. Seriously, Christmas in summer just doesn’t make any sense. ;) We tried to make the best of it. Created a little christmas tree from driftwood and decored it with the plastic balls that we still had from two years ago – along with some flax…


Karamea – Oparara Arches

A relaxed day driving up to the northern end of the West Coast. Stopover at the little Lake Hanlon with it’s funny echo. Passing Karamea town (which still doesn’t have cellphone reception). Lunch at the white sand beach next to it. Two short walks to the Oparara Arches. Stunning! Reaching the only gas station for 100something…


Denniston Incline

When we were at the Denniston Incline last time, the whole mountain was covered in dense fog and we made some incredible pictures. This time we decided to drive up there on our way back from Westport in the evening and it was definitely worth it! Amazing views!  


Holidays on the West Coast

When talking about the West Coast, it’s obvious for all kiwis that you mean the rugged Southern Island West Coast. We especially like the area north of Westport because it’s off the beaten tourist tracks and has a little friendlier weather (people say). And so we decided to spend a couple of days in Granity, an…

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