Summer in Motueka means 6-8 weeks no rain and every day temperatures around 26°C – awesome! :) The only downside of that: The hills are turning brown and you need to water the flowers and the children around the house. Anna enjoying her violin lesson in the meantime:


Jumping sheep

Our school has just bought a neat piece of land for their new campus and we had the opportunity to have a first look. Obviously the sheep were as excited as we:


Chopping firewood

“How hard can it be to split a few dozens of logs?” – I thought. Okay, so I went to Mitre10 to buy an axe. Didn’t dare to buy the biggest one as it felt quite heavy and I thougt it would be used to fell trees. Back on our hill in the evening (as…


Pet sheep

Unfortunately our own sheep don’t know the concept of sheep nuts yet, so they always disappear as quick as possible when we get closer to them. Quite different to our friend’s sheep that we currently also run our paddock. They start running at you as fast as they can, waiting to get some goodies.


Getting our own sheep

When we arrived in NZ we thought getting some sheep would be the first thing to do, but it was a long road until we finally released our first flock to our little piece of land. Creating a proper fence took us about three months and another month was spent on having the neighbor’s cows…



Birthday with the family: Birthday party two weeks later with friends at home and at the beach:

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