More frames

Unfortunately not that much visual changes during the last two weeks. The guys have been busy with many details, hammering thousands of nails to set up a very robust framework. A few rainy days interrupted the works.



Having left the winter solstice behind us, days are short and in some shaded areas of the garden the frozen lawn doesn’t even melt during the sunny days. Though, the weird thing about New Zealand winters is that at this time of the year, many native trees begin to flower and the birds’ twittering in the early…


Frames and scaffold

The first rafters now give us an idea of how the rooms will look like. The 2-3 builders are hammering all day long, assembling thousands of little jigsaw puzzle pieces. One more contractor team has arrived: The scaffold guys are setting up a monstrous steel cage that you can even see from the highway down…



I admit it, I love the third dimension. It’s awesome to see the walls coming up so quickly. These guys are amazingly quick and to my surprise they appeared with pre-finished wall elements for the whole house today morning! The pictures show the progress of just one single day. :)  


The concrete slab

Time to pour some concrete! By noon, everything was done. :)  


This week on Building TV: How to create foundations

What was once a line on a drawing, becomes the shape of our house now. We had a very nice, but freezing cold sunny week until Friday when rain interrupted works a bit, but the plumbers continued on Saturday – excellent! The builder guys created a casing for the concrete, then laid all the underground…

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