Whanganui inlet

The Whanganui inlet is the northernmost large inlet on the west coast of the south island. A beautiful landscape but only to be accessed via an endlessly long gravel road. We only made it to the Paturau river mouth to watch the impressive west coast waves for a while before we had a quick lunch…


Kaihoka lakes

If you turn right at the Whanganui inlet, the gravel road ends at the Kaituna lakes. A picturesque secluded spot of native forest in the middle of sheep farms, with a crystal clear lake in the center. A short walk runs through an amazingly dense nikau palm forest (definitely my favourite palm trees I figured).


Collingwood hinterland

Just driving around randomly to explore the area around Collingwood. After some kilometers of gravel road we ended up at the east-entry of the Heaphy track, a 6-day, 78 km hike over the mountains to the west coast. We just walked the first 2 kms though. :)


Farewell Spit Eco Tour

Farewell Spit is a narrow 26 km long sand spit at the northern end of Golden Bay. The first few kilometers can be publicly accessed. The rest only via a bus tour, including the lighthouse near the end of the spit. The red offroad bus uses the beach as a highway at low tide and…



We have booked a Farewell Spit bus tour for the afternoon, so we used the waiting time to explore the tiny town of Collingwood. It mainly consists of a general store, three cafes, a few artists and a cemetary. Must be a hard life out here. :)


Horse riding

If you know about my relationship with any sorts of animals that are bigger than me, this might surprise you even more than it surprised me. I? Riding a horse? WTF… Off the chapter “Things you’re doing for your children”: Anna had this wish for horse riding for a long time, always waiting for the right occasion.…


Cape Farewell

The northernmost part of the South Island. Just between Wharariki beach and Farewell Spit. An Impressive view – and a bit dangerous cliffs.


Wharariki beach

Pronounced as “Fa-ra-ri-ki”. One of the most beautiful spots of New Zealand in my opinion. A gravel road ends at a camp ground where just a number of massive sand dunes separate from the sea. The green sheep hills of that area are simply stunning and the fur seals playing around at the river mouth…


Bush walk

Our cottage landlords surprised us with an amazing bush walk that they created on their land. It’s obviously not used by many people, but that makes it even more interesting. Though at occasions I wished I had a machete with me. The walk goes up the hill through dense native forest with loads of Nikau…


Cottage life

We decided to spend a week of our spring holidays in Golden Bay, not too far from home. It’s about 100 km away on a no-exit road from Motueka. So we packed our stuff into the car and off we went, crossing the steep and narrow road up and down Takaka Hill, picking some food in…

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