Ngatimoti Festival

Wow, that’s a big festival for such a tiny town! Must be thousands of visitors here in Ngatimoti, just a few kms away from Mot.


The deck

While the concrete slab was heated up to almost 30°C to dry before the timber floor can be glued down, nobody wanted to work inside. So the guys were kept busy with the deck frames. First they drilled plenty of holes that were filled with concrete. A few days later the framework was up to start…


At the neighbor’s house

I think we can call ourselves incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to rent the house just opposite the fence to our building site. The house is surrounded by a ~20 years old garden which means all the trees and shrubs are well established by now. The garden is very ornamental with just a few edibles…



Quite opposite to European building practice, the rain- and wastewater pipes are laid once the house is almost finished and the scaffold is gone.


Way back home

We had an awesome week in Golden Bay and we managed to stay offline for a full 7 days! We didn’t even turn on the computer, which was very relaxing and exactly what we all needed I suppose.


Tomatea point

Funny name for a bunch of houses along the road between Farewell spit and Collingwood. And a good spot to view all sorts of sea birds. Most prominently: A vast number of black swans that use to live there all year round.


Pillar point

A short 30 min walk up to the lighthouse between Cape Farewell and the start of the Farewell sandspit.


Spit Track Circuit via Triangle Flat

A very nice early morning walk through multiple sheep paddocks with many many baby sheep at this time of the year. Next stop on the circuit track is Fossil point, then heading back via the long white beach. That’s my New Zealand.  


Golden Bay Machinery & Early Settlers Museum

What to do on a rainy day? Check for museums! (As museums are usually really worth visiting in NZ.) We didn’t arrive with high expectations on that one. From the roadside you can just see a bunch of rusty bits and pieces. It turned out to be an unattended museum with entry by koha (donations), well maintained…

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