Christmas 2015

Christmas will never be the same again. 30°C and sunshine until almost 10 pm just doesn’t work to get into any christmas-y mood. It’s our third Christmas celebration on the Southern Hemisphere and I think we’re already in process to re-interpret that whole thing in our own new way. That’s how it was for us…


Cuteness overload!

The chicks are two weeks old today, and they are adorable. Out of 12 eggs there were 8 chicks, of which 2 died on the first day, the rest is 1 Leghorn, 3 Campine, 2 Silver Sprengled Hamburg. In about six months we’ll know the gender ratio.


Clutter Central

Ok, so we move in now. Just another 500 boxes to unpack into a horde not yet reassembled cupboards and dressers. A situation in which I generally want to sit down and read a book. Not so for my husband! Because he wouldn’t rest in all the mess of boxes, he told us we would…



OMG, that was really quick! The car and the veggies are fine so far. Just the large pumpkin and zucchini leaves have got a couple of holes. Happy to have the bird nets in place to protect the leaves.


We’re moving in!

After 6 months of busy works with a builders’ sprint until the very last minute (the paint on the walls is still wet!), we’re moving in, just eleven days later than initially planned. 13 months of nomad lifestyle finally has come to and end and especially the last couple of weeks showed us very well that…



What a coincidence! Exactly the same day when we move in, some of the eggs turned into fluffy yellow furballs. Amazing! :) OK, admittedly it was a kind of planned coincidence. The hen was obviously broody so we got her some fertilized eggs to extend our chicken breed variety. Now we have: 1 Black Araucana hen…


Is that container next to your house supposed to be burning?

…asked the neighbors when they called us today at 7 pm while we stayed at the motel in town. Hell, no, there shouldn’t be a fire with 5m high flames in front of our new house! Want to move in tomorrow! Turns out the painters who oiled the timber floor today used cloths to wipe the excess…


Tick tack tick tack

Only two days until move in! It certainly looks not finished yet, with the floor being oiled right now, but there has been no further notice of delay … so we’re looking forward to Friday!

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