Planting zone 1

Now we can finally start planting the “inner ring” of plants that are closest to our house. While our orchard and veggie beds are already thriving for months, we had to wait with the garden plants until the landscaping works were finished. Our selected plants for the hot and dry deck side: Slow growing chilean wine…


Garlic powder

One of my favourite spices: Garlic powder. It adds a nice taste to any steak or BBQ dish, as it doesn’t get as easily burned and bitter as the fresh and chunky garlic.


There’s a digger in the garden – again


Refinishing the dining table

Let’s face it: After 8 years of heavy duty our colonial style dining table didn’t make a good picture in our new home. The red-ish color clashed with the brown timber floor, some hot pots and pans left a series of white marks in the lacquer and the corners looked like some baby nibbled around them.…


Upcycling: Benches for the garden

During roof construction for the house our builders ordered one 4m long glued timer beam too much. Instead of dumping it we thought we could create some garden furniture out of it.


New year’s eve at Kaiteriteri

Fireworks are rare in NZ, but Kaiteriteri camp ground organized a nice one this year:  

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