Strong winds!

Our site is a little exposed up here… and that’s the result of the last storm: We used the garden hose to tie it to the house in a hurry. :P But we’ve been able to un-bend it and set it up again. This time fixed with two massive steel-posts in the ground. Lesson learned!  


Designing an eco home that works

The section In January 2014, ten months before we actually arrived in New Zealand, we found an interesting piece of land that was for sale online. 13,870 m2 on a hilltop with great views both to the sea and to the river valley. In Austria it’s almost impossible to buy such a large section, they just…


You’re building your first house for your enemy, your second one for your friend and your third one for yourself

In the German-speaking area, the title of this blog post is a well-known Confucius quote, but since I couldn’t find any references in the English part of the Internet, I guess it was made up by some Central-European perfectionist and accidentally linked to Confucius (or I simply translated it wrong). Speaking about perfectionism, I have to admit,…

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