Progress around the house

Look, how winter in New Zealand looks like! 15-20° during the day, occasional frosts at night. June in Motueka.  


Lantern Festival

Now that Winter Solstice is upon us, days seem longer, warmer – may Winter always be that nice :)


The pump shed

This project stretched over a couple of months, as there was always ‘something’ missing to continue. Originally I planned to only use leftover timber from our house building process, but once the foundations were finished, I realized I’d need to buy at least a few studs and cladding timber. Then it hit me that I…


Garage foundations

Well, we need a garage. All our garding stuff is stacked on the deck and around the house, and the bikes don’t get any better in the rain either. Our new garage is going to be 8x8m in size which should be enough for the car, a work bench and all the stuff.  


Look, I’ve found a water melon!

Winter solstice is just a few days ahead and guess what we just ‘found’ in an overgrown corner of our veggie garden: A perfectly ripe water melon! :) Worth noting that this is the first and only one we harvested this season. They just didn’t grow in summer as it probably was too dry. What…

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