Through little people’s eyes

About twice a year the kids’ cameras get a download. There always are pictures on it that we didn’t see from their point of view, or things we  missed altogehter – and they have surfaced, to our delight. Thank you, girls :)


Garage insulation and lining

Insulation costs too little to not do it. Who knows what we’ll want to use the garage for in the future. The windows are double glazed and also the large garage door is insulated. Makes it warm and cosy inside with the house’s underfloor heating buffer tank placed in the corner.


Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards 2016

Our builder submitted our house to this year’s House of the Year Awards and it seems the judges liked it. We have won the “Lifestyle Award – Sustainable” category and earned a “Silver Award” in the general category. View all 2016 entries (Sorry for the pictures there, their photographer obviously got a bit lost in Photoshop retouching.)…


Miyazu Garden Nelson

A little bit of Japan in NZ – the beautiful garden of Nelson’s sister city. Beautiful in any season (but really best in September, when the cherries bloom). Perfect short walk though.


Deep Winter

… at the beach. Although it seems to be an unusually warm winter this year (we’ve had worse), it got quite chilly when the sun went down and we were so! glad to return to a warm and cozy home.


Garage RAB board and scaffolding

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