The berry house

Last year we’ve planted a few blueberries down the hill, but we learned that they don’t have the best growing conditions there. The soil is far too dry and we didn’t add enough compost to keep the ph value down to 5.0 – the preferred value of blueberries. Also protecting individual plants from the birds it…


Garage finished!

That supposed to be 4 weeks project turned out to take two and a half months in the end, but we weren’t in a hurry really. The result is quite nice. 64 m2 total, enough space for two cars and a reasonable large workbench (that still needs to be built!). I hope this was the…


Bauernbrot (farmer’s bread)

One of the things I miss the most here in New Zealand is European bread. Dark, heavy and moist sourdough rye bread with a crust that has the power to break your teeth if you’re not careful. No fluffy made-of-chemicals ‘spongy-something’ that the locals here keep calling ‘bread’. I’m talking about bread that keeps fresh for a…


Happy Lambing

Chocolate got twins! It was a quick delivery around noon, and the lambs look healthy, fed and spent the afternoon in the warm winter sun. Awwww.


Crazy Weather

But we still are way better off than people on the East Coasts these days! Half a metre of snow in Hawkes Bay, unbelievable. Hopefully, everybody got electricity during this cold spell.


Garage painting

Builders here are usually not happy having you around all the time, as the health & safety regulations are quite strict in New Zealand. There is little I could do myself at the house so far, but painting the garage sounded like the perfect opportunity to save a few bucks.

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