Building a workbench

Wife calls it the ‘man cave’. It’s indeed a nice place to relax from the office job – and to build things. I didn’t bring any tools or machines over from our home in Austria because they all belonged to my dad, so I had the wonderful opportunity to buy everything new here in NZ.…


Roadworks – Part 2

I never thought that asphalt works could have such aestethical beauty. ;)


Roadworks – Part 1

There is a digger in the garden – again! Sealing the driveway turned out to be a much bigger job than expected. “We’ll just level the ground and do some boxing for the asphalt” they said. 10 full working days later they still haven’t done the asphalt, but just prepared and compacted numerous layers of…


Garage finished!

That supposed to be 4 weeks project turned out to take two and a half months in the end, but we weren’t in a hurry really. The result is quite nice. 64 m2 total, enough space for two cars and a reasonable large workbench (that still needs to be built!). I hope this was the…


Garage painting

Builders here are usually not happy having you around all the time, as the health & safety regulations are quite strict in New Zealand. There is little I could do myself at the house so far, but painting the garage sounded like the perfect opportunity to save a few bucks.


Garage insulation and lining

Insulation costs too little to not do it. Who knows what we’ll want to use the garage for in the future. The windows are double glazed and also the large garage door is insulated. Makes it warm and cosy inside with the house’s underfloor heating buffer tank placed in the corner.


Garage RAB board and scaffolding

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